Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sierra Club Trails website

Back in July the Sierra Club launched their "social network for outdoor enthusiasts." I wanted to give it some time to get going (it is still in BETA), and just a few months later, I'd say the site is off to a good start.

Hikers can post trail descriptions and updates can be added by subsequent visitors. Links to maps and websites as well as Google maps-based trailhead directions and trail photos are often included. Here in the bay area we have a plethora of on-line hiking information for our immediate area and beyond, so I don't know how useful bay area hikers will find the trail descriptions. Perhaps the best attributes of the site are the ability to comment on trail conditions and find information about out-of-state locations where on-line information is lacking (do places like this still exist?).

Anyway, check it out at


Tioga Jenny said...

Thanks for the plug for Sierra Club Trails! You're right that there's a lot of online trail info for the Bay Area, but that means Bay Area hikers can help us build the Trails database by describing their favorite trails. It's done with a wiki (think Wikipedia), so if I put up a trail description, you can add details to it and upload your photos of the trail to the trail's photo gallery.

Something that's become quite popular on the site is the monthly photo contest -- there's a different theme each month, and a great prize, too!

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