Friday, May 10, 2019

No plans for Mother's Day? Take your mom for a hike!

The most meaningful gift: time spent with your mom. Here are some tips to make the day spectacular.

  • Some moms like surprises and some don't. If you know your mom is up for a hike, yay. If you're not sure, ask. 
  • Do all the grunt work. This means planning, meals (either pack lunch or make reservations/plans for a restaurant), etc.
  • Pick a special destination. Ask where your mom liked to take you hiking when you were a baby and toddler. Consider her preference for coastline, woods, or grassland.
  • Take a photo of your hike and get that framed, then gift it to your mom.

A few options if you're not sure where to go:
Briones Regional Park. Lovely rolling grassy hills in the East Bay, with picnic tables at the trailhead.
Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. Views galore at this wine country park. Take mom wine tasting post-hike.
Windy Hill Open Space Preserve. Woods and grassland on the peninsula. A good choice if you want to bring your dogs along (note: dogs are not permitted on every preserve trail).
Mount Umunhum Trail. One of the best views in the Bay Area. Highly recommended if your mom enjoys native plants.
China Camp State Park. Sweet hike through woods at the edge of San Pablo Bay.


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