Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I'm not ready for some football, how 'bout you?

Ridge Trail, Castle Rock State Park
About a week ago as I pushed a quarter into a SF parking meter, I noticed a message on the display screen: "Welcome to Superbowl 50." I may have shrieked; I wasn't ready for this. Here in the City, folks who work and/or live downtown are fuming about traffic delays and security checkpoints. Luckily I don't go downtown often and I can avoid the chaos. But things are likely to get super crowded leading up to the big game in Santa Clara. How can you avoid the insanity on Superbowl Sunday?

Those of you in the North Bay -- stay in the North Bay. This is a great opportunity to explore parks and preserves in Sonoma and Napa. Sugarloaf, Mount St. Helena, North Sonoma Mountain, Annadel, and Jack London all are great choices.

East Bay, I'm picturing you on quiet back roads, traveling to Mount Diablo, Round Valley, Chabot, Del Valle, or Sunol.
View from North Sonoma Mountain Regional Park

Peninsula hikers -- you know the freeways? Avoid them. Take surface streets and county roads away from Santa Clara, to the Santa Cruz Mountains and Windy Hill, Long Ridge, Portola Redwoods, or Castle Rock.

South Bay peeps -- shelter in place? Maybe. Or get up and at them early and head south away from Santa Clara, to Grant, Henry Coe, Sierra Azul, Uvas, or Calero.
Batteries to Bluffs Trail in San Francisco

San Franciscans? I plan to stay off the roads completely, or maybe take a little trip somewhere in the City, like Mount Sutro, Batteries to Bluffs, or Lands End. If coerced I might consider driving a few miles to a destination such as the Headlands, San Bruno Mountain, or Montara Mountain.

Timing is sure to be important. I would suggest leaving early and planning your return trip to happen during the Superbowl (it starts at 3:30). Stay safe and sane!


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