Monday, October 19, 2015

BAHiker updated (mostly)!

My husband and I have been working on a site update for about a year. He does the technical work and design, while I have been focusing on photos.
BAHiker goes mobile!

Here are some new features:

  • Improved design with easier navigation
  • Mobile friendly
  • More photos
  • Improved photo display, with true slideshows and galleries
  • Rich photo information -- each photo is labelled with location, date, and for plants, Latin names
  • Metadata: every hike now has a file with a list of prominent features and characteristics -- this will be used when we enable tagging. You can't see the metadata, but it's there! 

Future features:

  • Comments
  • Tags/labels
  • Ability to rate individual hikes
  • Ability to plan a hike using tags (like "dogs welcome" "loop hike" "peninsula" "wildflowers")

Check out the changes! Here's an example of a "new" page: Water Dog Lake Open Space. In addition to the features mentioned above, I've added a map to the hike as well as a map navigation box.

What would you like to see added (or changed) on BAHiker?

Thank you for your support! If you like BAHiker, please consider sharing it with friends. I post frequently on Facebook, sharing photos and hiking info.

PS: Hikes with orange markers are updated; I'm still working on the gray ones. New hikes are in the interwebs pipeline!


netllama said...

Your site is the gold standard for hiking trails (although you do have a few strong competitors). I'd say the only thing missing would be GPS (gpx) trails of the hikes. Now that nearly everyone has a smart phone, its far more convenient to just load the gpx file and use that for guidance, than attempting to figure out confusing, inaccurate or poorly updated park maps or signs.

Jane Huber said...

Thanks for your comment. We do want to add this feature (or something like it) in the future.

What would happen at a destination with no GPS signal? This is not uncommon in the bay area -- a great deal of Point Reyes is out of signal for me, as are many forested canyons on the peninsula.

And I do worry that using a smartphone for navigation would pretty seriously drain the battery. What do you think?

While we puzzle this out, I am adding a Google-based map for each hike. This page, for Wilder Ranch, is an example:

netllama said...

I've never been anywhere on this planet that didn't have a true GPS signal, including some rather remote parts of Asia, Africa & Australia. Note, cell reception and GPS are two completely different things. While I wouldn't be surprised if some more remote parts of of the bay area lacked cell signals, I find it hard to believe that Point Reyes doesn't get a GPS signal. I've heard that there are some cell phones which don't have a real GPS chip, and instead rely on cell phone towers for pseudo-GPS. Perhaps your phone is one of them?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Great site, love your knowledge of plants of the area! GPS works for me at Point Reyes and in all of the forested canyons in that Bay. Never let me do down. I think it would be a good addition to your site. A phone with good battery, such as the S6 Active, will not died on you even on the longest hikes. I personally hiked to Rose Peak from Del Valle and back (20 miles) using navigation the entire time with battery still going strong at the end. Thanks for a great site, and for your wonderful book, which I bought several years ago and still treasure.

Unknown said...

I enjoy your ideas for hikes and your descriptions of up-to-date realities of what you encounter. Perhaps in the past you have discussed the various simple, accessible hikes along the San Mateo coast, but if not, I’ll mention a few. There is a great hike from the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss Beach, south along the bluffs, past the Moss Beach Distillery, and over to Ross Cove, overlooking Maverick’s big wave site. In addition, from Fitzgerald going north the other way, you can access the grounds and tide pools at the Montara Lighthouse. All that is just a few hours, and along the way there are nice spots for resting or having a picnic.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Dale and I am originally from Iowa. My wife passed last year and I interested in getting involved in hiking and overnight stays. A coworker recommended this blog as a networking jumping off point. Would like to correspond to begin my introduction into my return to nature, only in California this time. Thank you

Anonymous said...

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johnson said...

Excellent website; I admire your knowledge of local plants! GPS worked for me in Point Reyes and throughout the Bay's forested canyons. Never ever let me down. I believe it would be an excellent addition to your website. Even on the longest excursions, a phone with a good battery, such as the S6 Active, will not die on you. I hiked to Rose Peak from Del Valle and back (20 miles) using GPS the entire time, and my battery was still fully charged at the end. Thank you for a fantastic website and for your wonderful book, which I purchased several years ago and still treasure. I loved the way you organized your thoughts and views. It's incredibly easy to read and understand.
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