Monday, October 20, 2014

60 Hikes in 60 Miles in 60 Weeks: Week Fifty-nine
Annadel State Park
Black oak leaves at Annadel

What it's like:
Just over 6 miles through woods and grassland east of Santa Rosa.

Why now:
Oaks, oaks, oaks! Gorgeous black and white oak leaves are a-changing.

If you can't make it this week:
Spring at Annadel is spectacular -- expect meadows packed with purple lupines in late April.

Insider tip:
Nearly every Annadel trail is multi-use, so be alert for cyclists.

Annadel is hike number 2 in 60 Hikes in 60 Miles: San Francisco (third edition)Read about this hike on BAHiker.

Alternate choice:
Mount Madonna County Park is well south of San Jose, and a considerable drive for most Bay Area hikers. The trails here wind up and down through grassland and woods, like many other peninsula/south bay parks. One feature really sets Mount Madonna apart -- YURTS! In addition to their fine traditional campground, there are 5 yurt spots ripe for the glamping.

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