Monday, August 25, 2014

60 Hikes in 60 Miles in 60 Weeks: Week Fifty-one
Mount Burdell Open Space Preserve
An old stone wall and wind-sculpted trees near Mount Burdell's summit

What it's like:
Nearly 5 miles up and down trails and fire roads in Novato, with sweeping views south of Mount Tam and beyond.

Why now:
Autumn is coming early this year, and you can feel it at Mount Burdell. The buckeyes are dropping leaves and acorns are popping out on oaks.

If you can't make it this week:
Emerald green in late winter and early spring, with great wildflowers in April and May.

Insider tip:
Dogs are allowed here, and even permitted off leash (under voice control) on fire roads.

Mount Burdell is hike number 6 in 60 Hikes in 60 Miles: San Francisco (third edition)Read about this hike on BAHiker.

Alternate choice:
The gloomy days of "Fogust" are coming to a close and this is a fantastic time to check out Devil's Slide Trail. When the sun is shining and there is no fog the views from here are incredible -- you can see all the way to Point Reyes. If you're a birder, bring binoculars and look for peregrine falcons on western side's rock formations.

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