Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Russian Ridge Report

Ridge Trail splendor

I'll be featuring Russian Ridge next week, but I want to give an update today so anyone interested can schedule a hike for this weekend. My hike combined Ridge Trail, Ancient Oaks, Alder Springs, Hawk Ridge, and Ridge Trail again.

Flowers were gorgeous yesterday at this sprawling grassland preserve west of Palo Alto. If you go in the next week expect to see California poppies, blue-eyed grass, owl's clover, dandelions (and their look-a-likes), buttercups, mule ear sunflowers, a few tidytips, johnny jump ups, and fading blue and white lupine. The hills are still quite green but the grass (over 4 feet in some places!) is obscuring the flowers. If you've missed the early spring flowers, you can still catch a few tattered milkmaids and hound's tongue along Ancient Oaks Trail. Buckeyes and thimbleberries are just beginning to bloom.

Up on the ridge I saw numerous blue butterflies (possibly Plebejus icariodes) as well as a few buckeyes and checkerspots.

The weather was absolutely perfect -- in the 60s and breezy.

Docents will lead a Mother's Day hike at Russian Ridge Sunday.

I'll post photos from this hike on my Facebook page.


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