Tuesday, October 8, 2013

One "new" trailhead expands my horizons

Cruising down Sir Francis Drake Boulevard outside Lagunitas this morning I was thrilled to see the Leo Cronin Fish Viewing Area parking lot open. Until recently this little lot was accessible only during winter months, and visitors were restricted to one hour parking. Now the lot is open year round from sunrise to sunset, and I expect I'm not the only one excited by this.

During salmon spawning, the fish viewing area (across from Shafter Bridge) is a great place to spot the salmon doing their thing. All year round LCFVA will provide new options for cyclists and long-distance hikers. Cyclists (or hardy hikers), consider making a loop out of Shafter Grade, Bolinas Ridge Trail, Jewell Trail, and the Sir Francis Drake Bikeway. Folks wanting to hike to Barnabe Mountain can now start at LCFVA rather than Devil's Gulch or Samuel P. Taylor's main trailhead. Instead of attempting to park at one of the tiny staging areas on the edge of residential areas, I think I'll explore more of Gary Giacomini Open Space Preserve from LCFVA.

Lots of possibilities for wheels and feet. Thanks MMWD for allowing us to use LCFVA year round!

PS: Note that as of this writing, thanks (ha) to the budget situation, Bolinas Ridge is off limits.



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RobHarris said...

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