Monday, September 9, 2013

60 Hikes in 60 Miles in 60 Weeks:
Week Two
Ano Nuevo State Park
Boardwalk at Ano Nuevo State Park

What's it like?
An easy just over 4 mile loop on the southern San Mateo coast, with opportunities to see all sorts of local wildlife, including elephant seals, sea lions, sea otters, birds, bobcats, and more.

Why now?
Ano Nuevo restricts access to the seal viewing area during breeding and pupping seasons -- visitors need to reserve spots well in advance at that time of the year. By choosing an autumn visit you can be spontaneous and beat the crowds.

Can't make it this week?
There is no bad time to visit Ano Nuevo. Plan in advance for a hike through the protection area December-March.

Insider tip:
Make the most of your visit by combining a Ano Nuevo hike with a stop at a local farm. This month you can pick strawberries, in October, pumpkins, and in December even cut your own Christmas tree! Or stop for an after-hike treat at Pie Ranch, just north of Ano Nuevo State Park.

Ano Nuevo State Park is hike 37 in 60 Hikes in 60 Miles: San Francisco (third edition). Read about this hike on Bay Area Hiker. Note that the webpage is accurate, but in the book the names of Pond Loop and Ano Nuevo Point trails are reversed on the map and in the text.

Alternate choice:
Tennessee Valley in the Marin Headlands. This 3.5 mile hike is a straightforward, easy-to-follow ascent/descent loop through coastal scrub. It makes an excellent training hike (or run), and the views are incredible -- on a clear day there are unparalleled views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Tamalpais, the ocean, and the surrounding gorgeous Headlands scenery.

Nest week:
Heading to the east bay!

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Unknown said...

I love this hike, we went there in June of course recommended by your book!

Elf said...

Oh, I've been only when on a seals tour. Great idea to go now. I hope that I can fit in the drive and a short walk there this Saturday. I'll try!

Anonymous said...

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