Sunday, June 13, 2010

Art in the Presidio

I'm loving San Francisco's Presidio these days: new trails and overlooks, an improved campground, and even art!

The Presidio Habitats Exhibition, which runs through May 15, 2011, is described as "A Site-Based Art Exhibition Celebrating Presidio Nature and Wildlife."

If you go to the Presidio to check out the art, consider making a day of it: go for a hike (or two), have a picnic at the beach, or take part in a guided adventure where you can learn about local butterflies (see the Habitats Exhibition page for butterfly info). And look for Andy Goldsworthy's "Spire," near Inspiration Point.

The Presidio is a great, easy-to-reach destination; enjoy nature in the city.


Ned F. said...


Your photo of the Spire is the best I have seen so far. It is a difficult subject and challenge for a good composition, not to mention perrenially foggy skies. Good work!

Rachel said...

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