Monday, May 17, 2010

West Marin towns get tough on illegal parking

If you're headed to Stinson Beach, Bolinas, or Muir Beach this summer, be sure to park legally. Parking ticket fees are scheduled to jump up to $99. No parking signs will be enforced in those towns as well as on Highway 1 and Panoramic Highway. Read the story here.

These town are notoriously hard places to park. There are few options for public transportation to the southwestern Marin coast, but you can take West Marin Stagecoach from Marin City to Stinson and Bolinas. Or pay the parking fee at Pantoll and hike to Stinson! Cheaper than a $99 parking fee and a great hike to boot.

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Gladwyn said...

I wish more parks would charge for parking and reduce the amount of area dedicated to roads and parking in the park. As it is we have small amounts of open space. It's so irritating having to be aware of an irresponsible driver when trying to get to a western blue bird or swallowtail.