Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Urban Forest Map

I came across this website a few weeks ago. In their own words: "the Urban Forest Map is a collaboration of government, nonprofits, businesses and you to map every tree in San Francisco. The information we gather will help urban foresters and city planners to better manage trees in specific areas, track and combat tree pests and diseases, and plan future tree plantings."

I've been thinking about this project -- in what way is it most useful? It's fun to zoom around the city and look at unfamiliar trees, and it's a great planning tool for urban tree planters. I would love to see a merge of Urban Forest Map and Neighborhood Fruit! Or a fruit tree/food foraging map for bay area public parks, open spaces, and preserves (now that I really like).

What's your favorite San Francisco tree? I am fond of this (standing but perhaps no longer living) eucalyptus on Mount Davidson.

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John W. Wall said...

That's an interesting project. Thanks for the tip!