Sunday, May 2, 2010

Two Sundays at Milgra Ridge

Milagra Ridge, just a few miles south of San Francisco, is a favorite place for quick and easy hikes. These last two weeks our family has visited Milagra on a hike/bike plan. My husband and son ride their bikes on the paved trail, and I hike a little on the pavement and the rest on the dirt trails.

On these visits the wildflowers have been disappointing. There are many small patches of blue-eyed grass just past their peak, some paintbrush, lupines, cow parsnip, scorpion weed, owl clover, and poppies, but not much else. Definitely not worth a special visit if you're trying to make the most of wildflower season.

I did see this unfamiliar plant near the old battery area, right on the side of the steps. Look familiar to anyone?

Read more about Milagra Ridge here.

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Unknown said...

I went to Milagra on Saturday, May 8 and again yesterday, Wednesday, May 12. We were in awe, but maybe that is due to more limited experience.
There were more wildflowers concentrated in a small area than we have ever seen at Montebello, Edgewood Park, or Sweeney Ridge.