Saturday, December 26, 2009

Manzanitas at San Pedro Valley Park

A hike at San Pedro Valley Park is a Christmas tradition for our family. It's a nice break from the seasonal bustle and the manzanitas in bloom are so cheerful when spring seems so far away. This year on Christmas Eve many manzanitas were in full bloom, some were already faded and setting fruit, and others were still in bud. If we get winter storms the next few weeks the manzanita flowers will likely get washed off the plants, but rain allows San Pedro's 3-tier waterfall to fill and very heavy rain could even permit spawning salmon to swim upstream into Brooks Creek.

There's always something to enjoy at San Pedro, one of my favorite local parks.

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Sarah Sami said...

I would love to visit this amazing natural place. I really need some peaceful time far from the chaos. I have been working continuously 9 to 5 and also writing a master's dissertation as a side job. I can't wait to relax my self.