Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bears, again

Local hikers have allegedly spotted a bear in the bay area: read Tom Stienstra's article here: http://tinyurl.com/5c542a

"The stunning encounter took place in Rancho San Antonio, located near the border of Los Altos Hills and Cupertino. The hikers, a senior couple, said they saw the bear cross the Rogue Valley Trail, about a third of a mile east of the park's pond, according to Bob Power and Mino Freund, who reported the episode.

This is one of the park's most popular trails for hiking and jogging. The sighting took place at about 7 p.m., Freund said."

The last bear sightings, in 2003, occurred in Marin County, on Mount Tamalpais and Point Reyes. I was always a bit dubious about the Tam sightings, but the Point Reyes sighting seemed legit. This time around I am even more skeptical; the closest bear population to Los Altos is most likely waaaaay south (maybe Monterey County?) and from there to Los Altos is a great distance for a bear to travel. But it seems the sighting would be easy to prove or disprove -- hire a tracker and have him search for tracks. I wonder if there are any amateur trackers out at Rancho right now, combing the chaparral....


Joe said...

Wow! This is very interesting...I think it's amazing that there any bears left in the Bay Area at all.

forestcat said...

This bear was in MY back yard! And believe me, every hair on my body stood straight up as I watch it run away. I called the fish and game, park service, SPCA and local police, and was met with alot of jokes and chuckles. UNTIL I saw a national geographic video of a rogue bear from Sonoma who had been caught at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge after traversing through Marin and over Mt. Tam.